Note: Design and specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

Can I watch broadcasted TV on the SX862?

No, you can't. Because it dosen't have a reciever for TV broadcasting. However you can enjoy your original video contents on the large display.

What is the 'DocumentViewer'?
What can I do with this function?

Using the 'DocumentViewer', you can see a document composed with your PC on the handset. It is available for MS Excel®, MS Word®, MS PowerPoint® and PDF file formats.

I'd like to see a document on my handset using the 'DocumentViewer'. What holder should I choose to file it on the microSD™ card when transferring from my PC?

Other Documents', the lower layer of 'My Items'.

What is the 'Taking Panorama Images'' function for?

Only moving the handset slowly to the horizontal or vertical position, you can take panorama pictures up to 360°around. For further detail, please refer to the 60 page of the user guide.

Can I make a video call on the handset?

Yes, you can. But as it dosen't have a sub-camera on the inner side, you can't do it facing the display.

What is the 'IrSS' for?

IrSS' is one of the infrared-transmission protocol's, which allows you to make an high-speed data transmission. As for the support condition of individual printer or other devices, please ask each manufacturer.

Can I switch the display mode to see text more easily?

Yes, you can do it with two ways; either change the menu setting or font size.

Can I back up data filed in the internal memory of the handset?

Yes, you can back up the data on your microSD™ card.
Data can be saved in one of the following folders;
'messages saved in Inbox'/Drafts/Sent', 'Bookmark', 'Text', 'Phonebook Entries', 'Message Group', 'Calender' and 'Tasks'.

What size microSD™ card can the SX862 support?

The SX862 supports up to 2GB regarding microSD™ card capacity.

Can I transfer picture and sound data stored in the SX862 to my PC?

Yes, you can transmit the 'My Items' files (pictures/ sounds/ video clips) , the 'Contact List entries', the 'Short messages' and the 'Schedule entries' to your PC via 'Handset Manager'. You can find it on a CD-ROM included in the product box.

Can I use the CD-ROM software for the SX862 on my Windows Vista PC?

Yes, the SX862 CD-ROM software supports Windows 2000 (Service pack4), Windows XP (Service pack 1a or later) and Windows Vista.

What is the 'Handset Manager'?
What is it for?

The 'Handset Manager' is a software to interchange data (e.x phonebook, schedule etc) between your mobilephone and PC.

What is the 'Music Manager'?
What is it for?

The 'Music Manager' is a software to trasfer music data to the internal or external memory of your mobilephone.

Can I take a picture using self-timer function like a dedicated camera?

Yes, you can use in 3 settings - 2sec. 5sec. 10sec..