Note: Design and specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

General - Memory

File type
  • Voice Recorder File (Voice File recorded by Voice Recorder of mobile phone) Depending on data format, you may not be able to play back some data. - Yes
  • JAVA™ Application File - No
  • E-Book File - Yes
  • Picture File - Yes
  • Video File (Only MPEG Data) - Yes

Java™ applications failed to start.

You cannot start Java™ Screensaver applications if a Stereo Handsfree (earphone) is connected to the VODAFONE McLAREN MERCEDES 770SH. Also, Java™ Screensaver applications will automatically exit if you connect the Stereo Handsfree (earphone) to VODAFONE McLAREN MERCEDES 770SH while the MicroSD™ Memory Card is inserted. Java™ Screensaver applications (may not/will not) start if the VODAFONE McLAREN MERCEDES 770SH is connected to external devices like Handsfree (earphone) and so on.


You can easily customise the display by using the theme files.
The theme files that are downloaded from mobile Internet sites can be managed.

Viewing Previews
"My Items" > "Themes"
1. Press to display the list from the memory card and to return to the handset memory.
2. Highlight the theme file you wish to preview.
3. Press [Options] and select "Preview".
The selected theme file is displayed.

Setting Theme
"My Items" > "Themes"
1. Select the desired theme file.
The selected theme file is set as the default theme.

- Even after a theme is set, you can set a wallpaper regardless of the set theme. In this case, the other items follow the set theme.

- If you set your original image as a wallpaper, the screen asking you to choose "Use Current Wallpaper" or "Use Theme Wallpaper" is displayed after step 1.

Downloading Theme Files
"My Items" > "Themes" > "More Themes"
The theme file download site is displayed.