Note: Design and specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

MiniSD™ Memory Card.

The V903SH / Sharp 903 / SX833 / WX-T91 is compatible with the miniSD™ Memory Card, which is supplied with the handset, however they are available to purchase from most mobile phone and computer stores. Once you have a Memory Card, please follow the instructions which are supplied with the Memory Card. You are required to initialize the Memory Card with the V903SH / Sharp 903 / SX833 / WX-T91. Mini SD™ Memory Cards which have not been formatted (initialized) with the V903SH / Sharp 903 / SX833 / WX-T91 may not work and it could cause slow performance or malfunction.

Write protect tab.

MiniSD™ Memory Cards do not have a write protection tab, please take care when you initialize the memory card so not to overwrite saved data.

What memory size miniSD™ Card is recommended?

Recommended miniSD™ Memory Cards for V903SH / Sharp 903 / SX833 / WX-T91 are 32MB, 64MB, 128MB and 256MB.

How can I transfer data from my old handset which has a SD Memory Card onto the V903SH / Sharp 903 / SX833 / WX-T91 which supports the miniSD™ Memory Card?

There is a device called a miniSD™ Memory Card Adapter which are available from most mobile phone and computer stores. Insert the miniSD™ Memory Card into the adaptor so that it can be used as a standard SD memory card, data will be stored onto the MiniSD™ Memory Card. Depending on content of data, you might not be able to transfer all data onto the V903SH / Sharp 903 / SX833 / WX-T91.

Can all files that I have stored on my previous mobile phone be transferred onto the V903SH / Sharp 903 / SX833 / WX-T91 via the MiniSD™ Card?

Files that are compatible to be transferred from a previous mobile phone via miniSD™ Memory Card, are as follows;

File type
  • Voice Recorder File (Voice File recorded by Voice Recorder of mobile phone) - Yes
  • JAVA™ Application File (This is stored on the handset memory) - No
  • E-Book File - Yes
  • Picture File - Yes
  • Video File (Only MPEG Data) - Yes

General battery survival time (if battery is charged completely).

The approximate battery life is calculated on the assumption that the environmental conditions are perfect for the handset, however there are factors that may increase/decrease the battery life ie: low signal area, poor weather conditions, usage of applications or phone functions.

I created a SMS message, however it was automatically changed to MMS.

SMS messages are for text only, if you want to add a title or picture etc then the message will automatically change to a MMS.

Java™ applications failed to start.

You can't start Java™ applications, if you insert miniSD™ Memory Card while Stereo Handsfree (earphone) is being connected to V903SH / Sharp 903 / SX833 / WX-T91. Also, Java™ applications exit if you connect the Stereo Handsfree (earphone) to V903SH / Sharp 903 / SX833 / WX-T91 while the miniSD™ Memory Card is inserted. Java™ applications might not start if the V903SH / Sharp 903 / SX833 / WX-T91 is being connected to external devices like Handsfree (earphone) and so on.

The V903SH / Sharp 903 / SX833 / WX-T91 doesn't seem to charge./Battery life is quite short.

If you use a non-approved one, it might cause incomplete charging or some other problems, therefore only AC Chargers approved by the operator are recommended.

Can I charge my V903SH / Sharp 903 / SX833 / WX-T91 through AC Charger for Sharp 902 / V902SH / SX813 / Sharp 802?

Please use only a Vodafone approved AC Charger. If any fault occurs whilst using a non-approved charger, this could invalidate any remaining warranty.