Note: Design and specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

Can I edit pictures which I took by this phone?

You can edit your saved pictures by selecting the 'Edit' option.
( e.x.'Retouch', 'Add Frame' or 'Add Stamp'.)
Please refer to the page 78 (M6 -1) of the User Guide for the details.

How can I activate the Bluetooth?

When you switch on the Bluetooth from the connectivity setting, you need to 'search for the device' to pair with the GX33.
Please refer to the page 98-101 (M 9-1) of the User Guide for the details.

Which version of Bluetooth is implemented in GX33?

The Bluetooth version 2.0 is implemented.

Can I record my voice by GX33?

Yes, you can record your voice clip up to 180 seconds. As for the operation, please refer to the page 93-94 (M3-4) of the User Guide.

Can I record video clips with built-in camera?

Yes. You can record video clips with built-in camera up to 295KB. Please refer the page 58-61(M 5-2) of the User Guide for the details.

Can I charge the GX33 in my car?

Yes. Using Cigarette Lighter Charger (optional accessory XN-1CL30), you can charge the GX33 in your car.

Can I transfer picture and sound data stored in the GX33 to my PC?

Yes, you can transmit the 'My Items' files (pictures/ sounds/ video clips) , the 'Contact List entries', the 'Short messages' and the 'Schedule entries' to your PC via 'Handset Manager'. You can find it on a CD-ROM included in the product box.

Can I use the CD-ROM software for the GX33 on my Windows Vista PC?

Yes, the GX33 CD-ROM software supports Windows 2000 (Service pack4), Windows XP (Service pack 1a or later) and Windows Vista.

How can I install the Handset Manager into my PC?

Insert the supplied CD-ROM into your PC's CD-ROM drive. The GX33 CD-ROM screen is displayed. Select Handset Manager from the on-screen instructions of your CD-ROM, and start installation of Handset Manager software following the on-screen instructions of your CD-ROM. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete installation. For further explanation, please refer to the page 126-127 of the User Guide. You can download Handset Manager software from our website and use it on your PC.

Why does the handset ask a code when I try to send data via Bluetooth?

This is a security code to avoid unwanted file transfers to and from your phone. You and your party input the same code (any 4 digits) to transfer files. For details, please refer to the page 98(M 9-1) of the User Guide.

Which type of sound files can I download as ringtones?

You can download MIDI, I-Melody, SP-MIDI, and SMAF files up to 300KB as a ringtone for GX33.