Note: Design and specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

Can I edit pictures which I took on this phone?

You can edit your saved pictures by selecting the 'Edit' option.
( e.x.'Retouch', 'Add Frame' or 'Add Stamp'.)
Please refer to the page 65 (M6-1) of the User Guide for details.

How can I activate the Bluetooth?

When you switch on the Bluetooth from the connectivity setting.
You need to 'search for the device' to pair with the GX18.
Please refer to the page 88-89 (M9-4-1) of the User Guide for details.

Which version of Bluetooth is implemented in GX18?

The Bluetooth version 2.0 is implemented.

Can I record my voice on the GX18?

Yes, you can record your voice clip up to 30 seconds.
As for the operation, please refer to the page 78 (M3-4) of the User Guide.

Can I record video clips with the built-in camera?

Yes. You can record video clips using the built-in camera up to 300KB. Please refer to the page 50-51(M5-2) of the User Guide for the details.

Can I use the CD-ROM software for the GX18 on my Windows Vista PC?

The bundled CD-ROM in the GX18 does not work on the Windows Vista PC. Therfore please download the revised GX18 CD-ROM software from this website and install it into your PC.

Why does the handset ask for a code when I try to send data via Bluetooth?

This is a security code to avoid unwanted file transfers to and from your phone. You and your party input the same code (any 4 digits) to transfer files. For details, please refer to the page 88 (M9-4) of theUser Guide.

Which type of sound files can I download as ringtones?

You can download MIDI files up to 300KB as a ringtone for GX18.

What is the default handset code to reset settings, set the Handset Lock (M 9-9-4), etc?

The default handset code is “0000”.